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ThetaGamma Meditative Praxis

“The change is within, leave the outside as it is”, Dalai Lama IVI


“The change within Will change the outside. The harmonie and peace within Will create the harmonie and peace in the outside.


Survivel of the consiouness and humans being more and more aware, is the new Way of life, the true being.


The survivel of planet Earth, of the kingdom of humans , the kingdom of  Animals - Plants and the Minerals depend on How fast humans learn to control and activate the Alpha - Theta and Gamma brainwawes.

The brainwawes wich make You respectively intuitive, empatic and creative, great inspirations and feeling One with the Oneness and deeb healing and regeneration and the gate to the universel State of mind.


But How to change Your Way of being into feeling more aware, more relaxed, more happy, more satisfyed, more empatic, more creative, more in harmonie and peace with Yourselfe and all Living ....


How to do this!!


Its all about meditation!

Its all about You!!

Its all about You getting into the science of the brain and brainwawes... the science wich have shown that our reality is primarily created though How we Think , What kind of Thoughts we repeat over and over again If You want to more and more often feel happy, feel satisfyed, feel a inner peace and If You want to control Your stadie of Mind, Your stadie of emotions, Your stadie of Physics, Your health....yes even Your Behavior and Your future!

Even Your karma if You have the awareness about the excistence of karma and respect the fact of karma....Then You have to start a meditative praxis....Best every Day least 5 minutes!


And You have to learn to activate the three important brainwawes. First the Alpha, Then the Theta and Then the Gamma.

Its scientifically proven that regular meditative praxis  do vitalize the whole body, its organs and nervesystem, and do increase one`s quality of life on all levels; mentally, emotional, physical and also regarding the Higher Self.
And even when being very regular in meditative praxis reduces stress and depression, and increases the creativity and happiness about being….just being……here….and alive. Being humble and grateful just being alive, not focusing on materialisme, not measuring everything and everybody, but the goal is being and becoming a better human and measuring succes in how emphatic and harmless You are and act. With actually makes human more happy and satisfied and make them as an extra bonus more succefull in business…why…I tell You why in my other course: ”Become a better and more emphatic person, and then become more succesfull in everything else” ( look under Human Spirit, under courses, ).
Its also scientifically proven that regular meditative praxis do activate and stimulate the feeling of empathy, the acting with emphatic intensions, and with mental focus on being whole integrated with everyone involved.
This is what will safe the world, the fact that more and more people will meditate on a regular basis becoming more emphatic, more focused on everybody well-being on all level of life…and being less selfish and greedy.

On this Meditative praxis Course the focus is to learn how to use the breathing with high awareness and equal parts of the Good Will and the Strong Will to activate certain brainwaves, while the different brainwaves give and get humans in contact with certain mentally intelligences and skills and emotions…and meditation on Theta brainwave level activates the intuition…the gateway to the Soul…the gateway to Heaven….!!! Speaking the Truth Now!

Its all about being In Between….and its all about Senses…my wonderfull and very wise Shaman Master always said this….and I can add: Its all about integration Your Higher Self…Your Soul into Your lower personality.
Its all about going from being instinctive…to intelligent…to intuitive…the level of the Soul….the level of Theta brainwaves.

So welcome to the New kind of meditative praxis with first teaching and understand the way of the brain …then  understand how to activating the different brainwaves intentionally…with high consciousness.
First understanding rationally…then praxis with high awareness and in the end totally intuitively. You need nothing else than being will make Your life full of happiness and love…just wait and see. It did for me.

But You have to learn to control the different part of Your brain , Your emotions, Your mental skills…and then the Intuition will appear…first shortly…then continuously. Welcome to the world of Your higher Self. Be amazed…be powerfull….be beautiful …be true happy…be humble…be greeatfull…be in between…Be YourSelf….the destination for all Your personalities is to integrate Your Higher Self. Wonderfull!!!.

Links about research in the effects of meditative praxis on brain, body and mind:


Links about the brainwaves:



Mindfulness Meditation - Harvard gazette.


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